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16/12/2014 -
We are working with the server, then server fixed all...
We are working with the server, then server fixed all accounts got premium points for the issue
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Client: 8.6 - Port: 7171

Most powerfull guilds

Code Of Honor

67 kills


60 kills


32 kills

Last Scream

30 kills


28 kills


22 kills
Dec 12 2014 -
Zyrania Online!

-Annihilator Quest, Elemental sphere quest, Inquisition quest, Killing in the name of... quest, Pits of inferno quest, In service of yalahar quest, Shadows of yalahar quest, Demon helmet quest, Tome of knowledge quest, The New frontier quest, Demon oak quest, Firewalker boots quest, Children of the revolution quest, Wrath of the emperor quest and More!

*No other OT has as many quests as Emporia!
*Our quests are fully working.
*Server Features:
-Razachai(North Zao) with fully working quests
-Great PvP experience
-Balanced vocations
-Real guild war system
-Bank system via Talkactions and Npcs
-Raid system and Boss spawns
-No overpowered donation items
-All Monsters with their respective loot
-New Autostack has been added
-The attack/follow cancel attack is now working
-Pickup distance just like real tibia
-Push just like real tibia
-Hotkey is fixed so it propperly display potions

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